Applications for Fall 2014 are due:
A&F, MIS and O&M:  April 21
Marketing: April 28

See the General Requirements for application requirements and to determine eligibility. 

An optional general information session for prospective students will be held on April 7, 5:30-6:30 in BBC 032.

Thank you for your interest in the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business.

As a student, you will work together in teams with other similarly qualified students on a significant and meaningful project at a major business in the Silicon Valley where you can apply what you have learned in the class room to real world business problems. You will gain much sought after work experience in high profile projects that will greatly enhance your educational experience, and give you a significant edge over other students in the job market.

As a project sponsor, you can get some of the best students in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business to work as your private consultants on a project of your choice. Since students are taking this for college course credit, there is no charge to you (although donations to the program are appreciated if you feel you have received exceptional value). You can also preview these students for potential future hire.

Students also receive other benefits such as networking events with alumni and project sponsors, high level speakers from around Silicon Valley, and training in important areas such as project management, presentation skills, interviewing tips, executive briefings on contemporary business issues, ethical business practices and incorporating values into business decisions.


The Gary J. Sbona Honors Program at San Jose State University continues to be a rewarding program, not only for the students, but also for potential employers like Ernst & Young. It is one of the programs Ernst & Young strives to have a presence in every year because we know it is where we will find the top business students. Over the years, students in the program seem better prepared for the work place and are more knowledgeable about issues that are in today's business headlines. Therefore, students from the Gary J. Sbona Honors Program are extremely marketable to employers like Ernst & Young.