Sponsoring a Project

The key to the success of the Honors Practicum is defining a project that is challenging but feasible for students that adds value for the sponsor.

Sponsors should designate a project that can be done by an outside team of consultants over a three month period. The student team will include 3-4 students who are each expected to work approximately 8 hours/week. Ideally, projects require students to use their critical thinking, technical skills, research, diversity and teamwork to mutual advantage. The project should not be “busy work,” direct selling, or tasks performed by paid interns.

Prior to the beginning of the semester, the sponsor works with an honors faculty member to define the project and match it to an appropriate team of students. Most projects are located in one of our four departments Ñ Accounting & Finance, Marketing, MIS and Organization & Management Ñ but each year we also try to have a few interdisciplinary projects.

Projects for the Fall semester run from late August to late November; for the Spring, from late January to late April. Accounting & Finance and Marketing do projects in both semesters, MIS does two-semester projects with the same sponsor, and Organization & Management does projects in the Spring only.

If you are interested in sponsoring a team, please contact the appropriate Department Honors faculty member. If you are not sure about which department would be best for your project, or want more information, please contact Bill DeVincenzi, Director of the Sbona Honors Program at william.devincenzi@sjsu.edu or via telephone at 408-924-3488