Alumni and Friends

Sbona Program Alumni Network (SPAN)

A network established by Sbona alumni for Sbona alumni to utilize the strengths of its members for the betterment of the students, university and community by connecting the leaders of tomorrow.

SPAN provides alumni with the opportunity to:

  • Mentor current student projects
  • Provide pro-bono business consulting services to the low income entrepreneur community
  • Connect with other alumni through social events

For more information or to become an active participant, please email

Networking/Graduation Events

Sbona Honors Program Alumni are invited to attend the networking social event and graduation networking event each semester. You will be notified by email of the date, place and time. The purpose is to provide current students with the benefit of your experience, and to provide you with the opportunity to network with some of your fellow alumni and faculty. If you do not receive and email invitation at least two weeks prior to the date, please email Prof DeVincenzi( or SPAN(

Alumni Resume book

If you are interested in forming a data base for alumni, which would be available only by password, and only by other alumni and company sponsors, please contact Mr. D( with your ideas on how we might structure this. This could be a very beneficial networking tool.

Alumni Scholarship Fund

If you are able to give back financially, I would like to set up a scholarship fund for needy scholars. I have had a number of students drop out because they had to work full or part time to support themselves and families. A scholarship fund would allow us to provide opportunities for more deserving students to participate. See if your company would provide a matching amount.

Alumni Mentoring

I would like to establish a data base of those alums who would be willing to meet one on one with existing students to counsel/advise them on issues they are facing. Students might be more willing to discuss issues with someone closer to their own age and who have recently gone through what they are going through currently. If this interests you, please send your contact information (email, phone, etc), major, graduation date, company, short job description to SPAN(


I would appreciate any ideas you might have regarding how we might involve alumni more in the program. Other ideas I have include:

  • Providing projects from your companies

  • Providing speakers, or being a speaker

  • Attending class on occasion to hear an interesting speaker (check my syllabus online)

  • Alumni reunions