General Requirements

These are the requirements to be eligible for the honors program:

  • Application Form 

  • Minimum SJSU GPA of 3.0 overall and a 3.25 in all upper division business classes you have taken (100w and business ethics count as upper division business)

  • Must be in your second semester of course work at SJSU

  • Completing any pre-requisites as required by requirements by your major

Applications for Fall 2014 are due:
A&F, MIS and O&M:  April 21
Marketing: April 28

Please note that the application process is slightly different than in previous years.

  • Each department sets its own curriculum and admission calendar. Please refer to the 

    specific requirements page for more details.

  • Accounting & Finance and Marketing admit both in the fall and the spring.

  • Management Information Systems only admits applicants in the fall.

  • Organization and Management normally admits applicants in the fall, but applicants will be admitted in the spring (e.g. Spring 2013) if they are graduating in the subsequent semester (e.g. Fall 2013).

If you wish to be considered, please complete the online application form by the application deadline. In the application form, you will include an unofficial SJSU transcript, your resume and an essay on an assigned question.

Please only submit your application once. You may return to edit your application once you submit it (keep the link), but it will be less confusing if you assemble all your materials and complete the entire application at once.

Note that essay topics and requirements for letters of recommendation differ by department. Check your department honors web page for details.

If you have any questions about your eligibility or the application process, please contact your department's honors coordinator as soon as possible.