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As a project sponsor, you will get some of the best and brightest students in the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business to work as your private consultants on a project of your choice. Because we pull students from every undergraduate concentration, we have the flexibility of providing student teams from multiple cross-functional disciplines as well as more department/function specific. And, since students are participating in the Sbona Honors Program for college course credit, there is no charge to you (although donations to the program are appreciated if you feel you have received exceptional value). As an added benefit, you can preview these students for potential future hires.

As a project sponsor, you will join a list of very select companies who support our students in the future of global work. Firms who are participating or have participated in the program include: Hewlett Packard, Applied Materials, Cisco Systems, Bausch & Lomb, BEA, BayBio Consortium, Bridge Bank, City of San Jose, Silicon Valley Bank, Subaru, Heritage Bank, Abbott, Stringham & Lynch, National Semiconductor, Agilent Technologies, Frank Rimerman, Creative Labs, Electroglas, Tecan Systems, PLX Technology, Calpine, VNUS, The Health Trust, Intuit, Sun Microsystems, Seagate, KLA-Tencor, Adobe, the FBI, the CIA, Symantec, Target, SETI Institute, Perkin Elmer, Accenture, Yahoo!, the SF 49ers and many others.

Interested in becoming a Project Sponsor – please reach out to one of the academic staff.