Please read these instructions before submitting your entry to the SVBPC 2014

Step 1:Registration

  1. To register, go to:
  2. Create an account with your First name, Last name, Email address, and password. When done click on "Join" button. Note: Please enter a valid and working email address and password; you will need to login with them the next time.
  3. Complete the first two questions on the ‘Entry Details’ form i.e.:
    i. Your Project Name
    ii. A brief description of the product/service and value proposition
  1. Click on “Save and Next”
  2. Submit your personal details on the ‘Personal’ tab.
  3. You have to submit the above information by April 21, 2014.
  4. Registration must be completed by only one member of each team.

Step 2: Submitting your complete entry

  1. 1. By April 28th 2014, please login to the Registration podium and submit the following in the ‘Entry details’ to complete your application:

i. A 1-page Executive Summary and responses to a set of questions posted in the registration form. 

ii. A Pitch deck (10 slides max.)

iii. A video pitch of 60-90 seconds. 

  1. Click on “Submit Entry” at the end of the ‘Checklist’ tab before April 28th 2014.
  2. Click on the ‘Status’ tab to confirm that your entry is received.
  3. The ‘Account’ tab shows the details of your Entry and Submission Status with the announced results if any.


Step 3: Editing your entry

  1. You can edit your entry up to April 28th 2014.
  2. Login to your account and click on your entry name. ‘Unsubmit’ your entry.
  3. You can make your changes to it (including replacing uploaded files) and once again click on “Submit Entry”.