The following information is aimed at helping you write a business plan that could be submitted to the SVBPC. This information hopefully will extend the other parts of this web page and fill in some of the gaps about writing an actual business plan.

Business Plan Template
For this year's template, refer to Business Plan Format

Additional Sample Business Plans

    1. The following is a sample business plan from the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers that shows what a good business plan looks like:

      PwC Sample Business Plan

    2. The following is a sample business plan provided by the University of Michigan that is aimed at providing for community needs, and so is an example of "social entrepreneurship":

      University of Michigan Sample Business Plan

    3. MOOT CORP has been described as the Super Bowl of Business Plan Competitions, and the following link provides a look at its home page and its sample business plans:

    4. Resources for business plan writing at the University of Colorado Deming Center for Entrepreneurship

    5. Resources (especially on IP) at the Los Alamos National Labs

    6. Resources on Venture Capital by BuisinessWeek

    7. Resource on How to Pitch Your Business Ideas

SVBPC Seminar and Workshop PowerPoint Presentations
2013 Workshops
Past Seminars and Workshops
Business Plan Prep Workshop - Sat. April 11th, 2009
Anthony Nassar, Founder & Principle, Venture Momentum, Inc
Business Plan Prep Workshop.ppt
VMI Financial Roadmap.ppt 
From the March 11, 2006 marketing workshop:
Bob Goedjen-Marketing and Sales Presentation 
From the March 24, 2005 seminar on angel investors and venture capitalists:
CJ Cornell-Angel Presentation
Sanjay Subhedar-Venture Capital Presentation 
From the February 19, 2005 seminar
Joseph Giglierano-Market Research in New Venture Planning

Other Startup Resources

Other Useful Links:

  1. The final round of judging for our business plan competition involves presentations made by each team.  In general, we suggest the teams follow the presentation adhere to the ten-slide PowerPoint format described by Guy Kawasaki in his book, The Art of the Start.  The following links provide some hints and advice for making effective presentations.  The first is provided by SJSU Instructor Mike Splane and the second by Barbara Saxby, Founder and CEO of Accelent Marketing:

    Mike Splane-Presentation Tips

    Barbara Saxby-The Top Ten List on Pitching VCs

  2. The following is useful information for budding entrepreneurs provided by the Woodside Fund is an early-stage venture capital firm located in Silicon Valley and founded in 1983. They place importance on developing solid relationships that are built on trust - Woodside Fund regards entrepreneurs as equal partners. In that regard, their web page contains many articles that describe the steps that start-up entrepreneurs should take:

    Woodside Fund Articles   

  3. The following information can help you learn what to do when starting a new business:

    Small Business Administration

    SBA - Starting a Business 

    For information and data about small businesses in the U.S., click on:

    SBA - Advocate

  4. The Bootstrapper's Bible is an excellent presentation/book written by Seth Godin, the former VP of Marketing at Yahoo.  Obtained during the free download period (we have a copy of the authorization to put it on our web page), it provides a wealth of information for the entrepreneur who is long on ideas and effort but short on cash. Bootstrapping means financing a start-up with one's own funds (like putting on your own boots by pulling up on the straps), so if this describes you, check out the following document:

    The Bootstrapper's Bible