Past Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 SVBPC!

1st Prize – PlayCause – winner of the Bill Barton grand prize award of $10,000 - (Athlete crowd-funding platform for charity; team lead: Peter Lee)

2nd Prize – Hygiea - sponsored by the Lucas College & Graduate School of Business (Waste Management IoT platform; team: Pratik Vyas, Saiman Shetty, Parshad Patel)

3rd prize – - sponsored by Dave Hadden, Arlo Inc. - (Crowd-sourced tech support for non-techies; team: Douglas James, Nigel Vega, Ryan Wall)  

 4th prize – Cumulus Mobile Testing - sponsored by Solix Technologies – (Automated mobile testing as a service, using crowd-sourced smartphones; team: Stephanie Reyes, Matthew Trettin, William Wilson, Hung Diep)  

All four teams received an additional award in the form of complimentary legal advice valued at $1,000 per team from the Webb Law Firm. 

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 SVBPC

1st prize: Storsh - 1st Prize: Bill Barton award of $10,000
Costa Bakouros, Nicole Ingersoll, Anthony Leonard, Dylan Neu 
STORSH: Have you ever heard anyone complain about storage running up on his/her IPhone? We’ve heard it numerous times from our families, classmates, and colleagues. Storsh is a local storage case company for the IPhone. The idea is simple; buy the case, turn on the app, and use your new storage.

2nd prize: EZ-Stem - 2nd Prize: Solon Suarez award of $5,000
Sally Luvsantseren 
EZSTEM: We are repurposing an existing ferromagnetic nanoparticle technology for application in cell culture laboratories. Our technology eliminates the need for chemical cell passaging and effectively improves the quality of cell cultures with a mechanical passaging method. 

3rd prize: EasyReader - 3rd Prize: Dan Doles award of $2,500
Andrew Perez
EASYREADER: Our application scans (takes pictures of) physical text, and converts this text to audio files to be read aloud. This is extremely valuable to the vision impaired who often have a hard time reading, as well as college students assigned chapter readings on a weekly basis.

4th prize: BizApp - 4th Prize: Dave Hadden award of $1,500
Ashish Batwara 
BIZAPP: For businesses that sell products using WhatsApp or online marketplaces, BizApp, provides a unified multi-level, multi-channel well-structured product-selling platform.

Best written plan: SRAT Basket - Best written Business Plan award of $500 
Madi Knowles, Bryce Cano, Tyler Charron 
SRAT Baskets is committed to go beyond the simple gift to accommodate unique requests and produce the most individualized fraternity or sorority themed baskets on the market via online ordering.  Greek members, like myself, need this product and have no convenient solution