BSBA Program Learning Goals

In response to the AACSB Peer Review Team’s recommendation during their visit in Spring 2011, the BSBA Program Learning Goals have been streamlined from seven to six. The revised goals were developed based on input and feedback from faculty, particularly the members of the Undergraduate Curriculum Enhancement Project (UCEP), Core Course Community (CCC), Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UGCC), Accreditation Steering Committee and approved by the College of Business faculty in spring 2012. 

Goal One: Business Knowledge.

Understand basic business principles and demonstrate discipline-specific competencies as applied to local and global environments.

Goal Two: Communication.

Communicate ideas clearly, logically, and persuasively in oral and written format, using technology appropriately.

Goal Three: Ethical Awareness.

Recognize, analyze, and articulate solutions to ethical issues that arise in business.

Goal Four: Leadership, Teams and Diversity.

Comprehend the challenges and opportunities of leading and working in diverse teams and environments.

Goal Five: Critical Thinking.

Comprehend, analyze, and critically evaluate complex and unstructured qualitative and quantitative business problems, using appropriate tools and technology.

Goal Six: Innovation.

Recognize, analyze, and articulate strategies for promoting creativity and innovation.