MSTM Program Learning Goals

MSTM Program Learning Goals

Program goals were initially developed in Fall 2005 by core MSTM faculty. These goals were revised in Spring 2013 to reflect the increasing importance of having a global perspective in the management of transportation organizations, and knowledge of information technology applications relevant to the transportation industry.

Goal One: Management of Transportation Organizations

Develop a system-level and global perspective on the management of transportation organizations.

Goal Two: Transportation Policy

Develop an awareness of the transportation policy environment, including fiscal mechanisms, legislative structures, and intergovernmental coordination.

Goal Three: Leadership

Develop potential for leadership in transportation organizations.

Goal Four: Communication Skills

Develop written and oral communication skills and techniques.

Goal Five: Analytical Skills

Develop ability to analyze management issues and situations using appropriate conceptual approaches.

Goal Six: Information Technology

Develop basic understanding of commonly used information technology applications used by the transportation industry.