Travel Policy

Approval Process and Required Documents

A Request for Approval of Travel is required for all domestic and international travel and must be sent to department chairs and the Dean's Office for approval.

The College requires that all international travel requests be made at least forty-five (45) days prior to the trip.

For conference travel, a copy of the conference itinerary/agenda must be attached to the Request for Approval of Travel form; for non-conference related travel, such as a research workshop, a justification demonstrating scholarly contributions must be provided.

There are no exceptions to these requirements. Given the current budget environment, international travel will only be approved under special circumstances.

Travel Expense Policy

In addition to the travel regulations established by the State of California and CSU Board of Trustees, College of Business faculty must also adhere to the college policy for the following travel expense:


  • For conference travel, the college reimburses only eligible business expenses incurred on the actual conference dates. Travel expenses incurred before or after the conference do not qualify for reimbursement. In cases where extension of stay is necessary due to special circumstances, prior approval from the Dean must be obtained.

  • Expenses for spouse and other family members accompanying the traveler are not reimbursable.


The maximum reimbursable lodging for both international and domestic travel is the per-diem rates established by the following agencies:

International Travel - U.S. Department of State, Office of Allowances
Domestic Travel - U.S. General Services Administration, Travel Management

Note: The single room rate must be clearly displayed if there is any indication of an individual accompanying the traveler. The college rejects a claim for reimbursement if it appears that a double room rate was used and a guest of the traveler (who was not also on state business)shared the room.


The maximum reimbursable meal expenses are as follows for travel funded by state funds:
Breakfast - $ 10
Lunch - $ 15
Dinner - $ 25

Meals that are covered by the conference registration fee will not be reimbursed unless approved by the Dean or Associate Dean for health or medical reasons.


The maximum incidentals allowance is $5 for each complete 24-hour period for travel funded by state funds.

Travel Expense Claim Procedure

Travel expense claim must be filed within 20 calendar days after the completion of trip. Claimant must submit a CoB Travel Claim Form.

Original and itemized receipts are required, except the followings:

  • Meals less than $25

  • Street car, bus, rapid transit, ferry fares, tolls

  • Parking fees of $10 or less for any one continuous period of parking

All receipts must be submitted in an envelope with name printed on the outside.