Undergraduate Program FAQs

What is an e-portfolio?

Throughout your time in the Communication Studies Department, you will build an electronic portfolio of your assignments. This e-portfolio will represent your work as a Communication Studies major.  The Department will use the e-portfolio to assess your overall learning in the program; and you will have a showcase of your work at the end of your college career. As you progress in the major, you will be instructed to save your assignments (papers, speeches, performances, etc.) because you will need to rework and evaluate some of them again in COMM 199C Senior Seminar.

What are the WST and COMM 100w?

You must complete and pass the Writing Skills Test (WST) before enrolling in any upper division GE courses (called SJSU Studies). More information is available on the SJSU Testing Office website. Also, you can also obtain the WST Bulletin, test dates, passing scores, sample test questions, and registration materials from the Information Center in the Student Union, or from either Testing and Evaluation or Student Resources in the Student Services Center. To meet the SJSU Studies Area Z requirement, Communication Studies majors take COMM 100W. We recommend that you take 100W before or in same semester as any of the other SJSU Studies courses in Areas R, S, and V.

How does advising work?

Go to the undergraduate advising page for information on drop-in advising and advising appointments. Bring a device for accessing your Academic Planner and MySJSU (laptop, phone, tablet) and  list of questions to your advising sessions with your major advisor. Your transcripts, Degree Progress Report and other useful information are available by logging on to mySJSU. For questions about GE requirements, make an appointment with a GE advisor at ACCESS, the College of Social Sciences Advising Center. For questions about your minor, meet with an advisor in that department. For additional advising questions outside the major, go to SJSU's Advising Hub

What if I'm interested in teaching?

Please contact Dr. Deanna Fassett, teacher education advisor (408-924-5511; Deanna.Fassett@sjsu.edu) to discuss opportunities to teach at K-6, 7-12, or at the community college level.  The Department of Communication Studies shares a secondary credential with the Department of English and Comparative Literature.

How do I apply for graduation?

Apply for graduation the semester before you plan to graduate. Go to the Forms page on Registrar's Office website, download the Graduation Application form, fill it out, sign, and print out. If you're completing a minor, meet with an advisor in that program and complete your minor form for graduation. Meet with an undergraduate advisor. Bring your laptop or other device for accessing your Academic Planner and MySJSU. Bring your completed Graduation Application form. Fill out the major form for graduation with your advisor.

Where do I find basic information about SJSU courses, policies, and procedures?

Go to the SJSU Student Information site for the online SJSU Catalog, class schedules, transfer course agreements, admission information, and much more.