Graduating Seniors

photo of 2012 communication studies graduate

Applying for Graduation

You're close to graduation--congratulations! To help make your graduation progress more smoothly, follow these steps:

  • Check the current Schedule of Classes for graduation paperwork deadlines.
  • Download, fill out, print, and sign the Graduation Application form from the Academic Forms section of the Registrar's Office website.
  • If you're completing a minor, meet with an advisor for your minor, complete the minor form, and get the necessary signatures.
  • Meet with a Communication Studies advisor to complete the major form. Bring your Academic Planner and your smartphone, laptop, or tablet so you can access your transcripts on MySJSU.
  • Turn in your application form, minor form if needed (in a sealed envelope), and major form to the staff in the Communication Studies Department office (HGH 108).

That's it! Contact your advisor with any questions you have about applying for graduation.

Department Graduation Ceremony and SJSU Commencement

The Communication Studies Department hosts a graduation ceremony at the end of each Spring semester.

The SJSU Commencement is held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in the morning.