Transfer Students

photo of students along walkway to MLK Library

Welcome to San José State University and the Department of Communication Studies! We're honored you chose communication studies as your major.

To get started at SJSU and in the major:

  • find out from your previous school if you're GE certified for SJSU. GE certified means that you've completed all the Core GE requirements for SJSU
  • if you haven't taken the WST (Writing Skills Test), sign up on the Testing Services website right away (you must have taken and passed English 1B or its equivalent before you take the WST)
  • sign up for and attend a Transfer Orientation session
  • meet with a major advisor

For the first semester, you'll want to register for:

  • COMM 101C, Introduction to Communication Studies (an introduction to the discipline and a prerequisite for COMM 198 and COMM 199C)
  • one Foundations or Practice course (most students complete COMM 101C before taking an Inquiry course)
  • COMM 100W, Writing Workshop (SJSU Studies Area Z)
  • one course in your minor (optional)
  • an SJSU Studies (upper-division GE) course

Changing Your Major to Communication Studies

For Undeclared and other transfer or upper-division students who want to major in Communication Studies, you must:

  • achieve/maintain an overall GPA of 2.0
  • complete 2 upper-division (100-level) courses in COMM (6-8 units) with a 2.0 GPA

Once you've fulfilled those requirements, complete a Change of Major/Minor form, available on the Registrar's website. Meet with a Communication Studies advisor, who will review your transcripts, verify you've met the requirements, and sign the form.

The most important step you can take to achieve your educational goals at SJSU is meeting with an advisor in Communication Studies as soon as you're admitted to SJSU. So contact us right now!