MA in Communication Studies

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The Department of Communication Studies at San José State University offers a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Our 35-unit comprehensive program combines study in the following areas:

- Intercultural Communication

 -Organizational Communication

- Performance Studies

- Cultural Studies

- Rhetoric

- Interpersonal and Small Group Communication

- Crisis and Conflict Resolution.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the social process that is communication, graduate students prepare for professional careers in non-profit and corporate environments and for further graduate study.

Students can also receive the experience of teaching at the college level through the Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA) program.  Students selected as GTAs receive a 6-unit tuition/fee waiver, 2-units of credit toward their degrees, and a monetary stipend per semester.  

The M.A. program provides advanced study in the theoretical and ethical underpinnings of communication studies, the methodologies used in the study of communication, and practice in applying these concepts and methods in professional and scholarly contexts. Our students find in the resources of the Bay Area a ready source of real-world questions to inspire their studies and opportunities for immediate application of their research. Our alumni continue on to doctoral programs, teaching at colleges and universities, and careers in a wide range of professions in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Send your questions about the program to Dr. Matthew Spangler, Graduate Program Coordinator.