Guangzhou, China - Winter Study Abroad

Guangzhou, China

Study abroad in Guangzhou, China in Winter 2020

Take the China FLP (faculty-led program) from Jan 4 - Jan 15, 2020, and earn 4 units of upper division COMM 161F credit in China’s third largest city, Guangzhou.

A Bite Size into a Big Culture

China’s history is rich and long; its population is massive; its culture is diverse in itself and in contrast to the world. So where do we start?

FLP China invites you to spend 12 days in Guangzhou to “taste” as you get to know more about China. What brings us all together is our desire for good food as a universal human need.

Through this “conversation starter,” each of us gets to connect to the locals and find our own way to learn about the Cantonese culture and communication. You may be surprised how much alike we actually are. Your insight is gained by BEING in such a unique culture.

Take 4 units in Guangzhou & Potential Majors to Apply

  • All majors are welcome.
  • You will enroll in COMM 161F, earning 4 units.
  • All class levels from Freshmen to Master's students are welcome.
  • If you're not a COMM major, please contact your advisor about how to use this course toward your major requirements.


Here are some content examples for you to consider when discussing with your advisor:

Are you majoring in Urban Planning, Environmental Studies, or Business and Economy?

Urbanization - the growth and urbanization are epic in this city. Visiting Guangzhou is a bird-eye view of how this country’s environment and economics are greatly affected by the movement. We contrast the old and new sides of the same city and leave room for you to reflect on the experience on your own.

Are you majoring in Journalism & Mass Communication, or Political Science?

Media and Communication - Media is no doubt part of the propaganda for the Chinese government. What would you feel inside such a “great wall”? How do everyday people navigate the giant surveillance system under the Big Brother? There may be a difficulty to navigate, for example, the wifi in China. What if instead of thinking of it as a burden to communication, we find ways to embrace it. How? BEING in Guangzhou, you should have some answers to these questions. (Field trips will include radio stations, net radios (similar to Podcast), and/or marketing and advertising company.)

Are you majoring in Nutrition Science, or Health Science and Recreation?

Food, Pop Culture, and Fashion - On one hand, Chinese diaspora carries its unique taste bud and brings its cuisine all over the world. Chinese food is a strong influence on the world, but on the other, Chinese are extremely adaptable to western culture and fashion. Why? This is an excellent topic about power, culture, and communication.

Are you majoring in Art, Film and Theater Studies, or Linguistic and Language Development?

Language and Communication: “Cantonese is a language, not a dialect” - This statement holds true to the majority of Cantonese people but not to the Chinese government. The program will study the Cantonese language movement which is being pushed by Mandarin politically. Does it sound familiar to you in terms of how English being the most popular language spoken by the world and being one of the major forces for global linguistic genocide? (Field trip includes a Cantonese opera museum to see how Cantonese is trying to preserve this dying art.)

Highlights of the Trip

  • Welcome ceremony at a local Cantonese dim sum restaurant
  • Guided tour of the new and old sides of the city
  • Foot massage night
  • Riding in China’s most efficient public transportation metro
  • Visit to iFlyTek, the cutting-edge company that developed YuDian (dubbed the Chinese Siri)
  • Trip to the Cantonese Opera Museum, and learn about the Cantonese language movement
  • Farewell dinner at Guangzhou’s most popular seafood market restaurant

Estimated Costs

The cost of the 2020 Guangzhou program will be $3,995 and will include:

  • 4 units of coursework
  • Hotel accommodation in a double-room in central Guangzhou
  • Daily breakfast
  • Subway transportation pass
  • All course excursions
  • Welcome dim sum
  • Farewell dinner
  • Roughly ½ of the meals during the two weeks
  • Health insurance for the duration of the course
  • OPC (Onsite Program Coordinator) 24/7 on-call

*Note that the course fee does not include airfare and visa.

Students arrange their own flights to/from China in consultation with the course leader. Consider extending your travels by coming early and/or staying on in China after the course ends.

The program will provide helpful tips and credible travel agencies for your visa service.

Grants and Financial Aid

Competitive grants and scholarships are available to help defray costs. Financial aid is available for students who take six or more units. Some majors/colleges may have specific scholarships for those wanting to study abroad.

Please contact the course leader for more info.

Apply now for China 2020!

The China program can only accept a limited number of students. This is the first time program; cohort size is estimated to be limited to 15 students, so be sure to get your application in as soon as possible!

Applications for China 2020 can now be submitted via the SJSU FLP Application site. The first application window will remain open until June 17, 2019. Afterward, if there are any spots remaining, the second wave of applications will be accepted in the fall semester.

Any questions? Email the program leader Ching Ching Tan: