Dr. Andy Wood Named US Fulbright Scholar

Congratulations to Dr. Andy Wood, who has been appointed as a US Fulbright Scholar in Teaching. Dr. Wood will be assigned to the Republic of Belarus and will be attached to the United States Embassy in Minsk, Belarus. Andy will be teaching at the Belarussian host institution, Belarus State University, where he will focus on educating students and faculty about public speaking and presentation skills, business communication, and business English.

Dr. Wood’s project offers customized curricular design, course delivery, and consultation to help business-oriented students improve their oral and written communication skills. Outcomes include measurable improvements in competencies related to confidence (self-reported and observable), recognition and reduction of error patterns, and an ability to conduct multiple forms of audience analysis. Academic rigor is enhanced by quantitative and qualitative measures at formative and summative periods. The proposal seeks to add value by contributing to local and cross-national collaborations, and it stems from a desire to enhance professional and intercultural connections between our two countries.

Dr. Wood describes his vision for a lasting impact of his Fulbright project: “Upon my return I hope to join my SJSU colleague Peter Young as a voice for improved institutional collaboration and exchange between Belarus and the U.S. The initiatives to follow would include my advocacy for at least one interdisciplinary writing project, hopefully to emerge from discussions with students and fellow faculty members in Belarus about our shared interests. I would explore ways to support an SJSU faculty-led student program in Belarus, and I would also promote a program to invite students from that country to study in the United States.”

Congratulations to Dr. Wood on this prestigious appointment!