Vicky Rodriguez, Department Administrative Analyst, Receives CoSS Staff Excellence Award

Victoria Rodriguez, Administrative Analyst for the Department of Communication Studies, received the College of Social Science 2015 Staff Excellence Award.

Vicky has worked in the COMM Studies department for many years. As with many staff on campus, her official job title does not convey the many ways in which she supports our department. This award recognizes Vicky’s extraordinary contributions to the Communication Studies department in many ways.

Vicky’s knowledge of the workings of the campus and her expertise in different areas of technological support are invaluable to the functioning of a large department like COMM Studies. Vicky’s extraordinary level of organization and impressive attention to detail are unparalleled. Her knowledge extends from the big picture, especially SJSU’s complex processes of funding, to the details, such as how to get a quote from the painters, where to ask about a missing paycheck, and even when the Zumba classes are held in the Sports Center.

Vicky’s support of co-curricular activities and her work to ensure the success of regular department events is immeasurable. Vicky spends countless hours each Spring working on details for the department graduation and is the key point person for most department occasions. For all of these events, Vicky is the first one there and the last to leave.

Vicky is a problem solver. She works to learn new things and set proactive goals for the department. Her endless patience means she will spend whatever time it takes to find a solution, whether you are a frustrated student, or a frazzled faculty member. As one faculty member said, “she really is ‘the Fixer’ and a friend.” At a recent department gathering, a newly tenured faculty member noted that Vicky deserved credit for her tenure because she patiently answered questions, sometimes the same question, over and over again.

The department celebrates Vicky’s award and thanks her for her incredible, longtime devotion to the staff, faculty and students of the Communication Studies department.