Dr. Wood, 2015 CoSS Warburton Award Recipient

The Communication Studies Department is proud to congratulate Professor Andrew Wood on receiving the College of Social Sciences 2015 Austen D. Warburton Award of Merit.

This award recognizes a faculty member who has achieved the highest level of scholarship, as demonstrated by an outstanding record of publications and the delivery of scholarly papers before prestigious professional organizations. The awardee’s achievements should be worthy of international or national recognition, with significant impact upon a field of scholarship in the social sciences

In selecting Dr. Wood for this award, the committee cited Dr. Wood’s impressive publication record and numerous conference presentations. Since 1998, Dr. Wood has authored seven books during his 15 years on campus, including four academic works for specialists and three popular works for the general public; published 25+ peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, invited speeches, and other contributions and presented 50+ papers at academic conferences. Moreover, he recently completed a book with two colleagues (Die ortlose Stadt: Über die Virtualisierung des Urbanen) that grew out of his contribution as the invited Keynote Speaker for a joint conference in Weimar, Germany being published this year and is now working on a new book (Better Cities, Better Lives) that examines the role of World’s Fairs and New Urban Design. His most recent book (City Ubiquitous: Place, Communication, and the Rise of Omnitopia), which received the Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Award from the Urban Communication Foundation.

Dr. Wood’s contributions across campus are numerous. Dr. Wood was selected as a Salzburg Fellow in 2010, and served as a Resource Specialist with the Global Citizenship Program in 2011 that resulted in two high-quality videos about the Global Citizenship Program and the SJSU Salzburg Program. He served as Faculty Advisor leading the Salzburg Scholars on their trip to Salzburg in 2012; and was selected as a Faculty Member for a student Global Citizenship session in Salzburg in 2013. Dr. Wood created a documentary video for the College of Engineering (The Global Technology Initiative | Partners on the Pacific Rim), presenting numerous talks and workshops for groups throughout the university, and developing/leading four short-term Faculty Led Programs for SJSU students (including a new one involving a mix of 11 courses at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland in Summer 2014).

In Spring 2015, Dr. Wood was awarded a US Fulbright Scholar in Teaching. Dr. Wood is attached to the United States Embassy in Minsk, Belarus. Andy is teaching at the Belarussian host institution, Belarus State University, where he focuses on educating students and faculty about public speaking and presentation skills, business communication, and business English.

In Fall 2015, Dr. Wood will become Associate Chair of the Department.