Decorum and Photography


The commencement ceremony is a traditional academic ritual. To participate in the ceremony, you must wear the appropriate academic regalia and maintain decorum. This means: no signs, no fireworks, no bottles, no beach balls, no cans, no drugs, no alcohol. Graduates choosing not to abide by these rules will not be allowed in the stadium or will be escorted from the ceremony.

You are asked to remain in your seat for the entire ceremony. Movement on the stadium floor is distracting to the guests in the stands, and it is disrespectful to the speakers.

Graduation symbolizes the culmination of many years of hard work, and it is a time for you, your family and friends to recognize and celebrate your success. The faculty and staff of SJSU congratulate you on your academic successes and wish to ensure that the Commencement ceremony will be a fitting conclusion to this phase of your education. We ask your help in making the ceremony a pleasant experience for all by attentively considering the rights and feelings of the other participants and guests.

Make your graduation a class act!


Professional photographers will take individual photographs of each graduate as the processions enter the stadium prior to the ceremony. These photographs are a courtesy to the participating graduates.

A free color photo proof will be mailed to each graduate's permanent address. There is no obligation to purchase the complete photo packages that will be offered, and the proof is the graduate's to keep.