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How do I wear the academic regalia?

To the baccalaureate candidate, perhaps the most important element of academic regalia is the smallest -- the tassel. Traditionally, it is worn on the right side of the mortar board until the president during the ceremony officially confers upon the recipients the degree. The tassel is then moved from the right side to the left side of the mortar board. This act symbolizes the recipient's new and well-earned status.

Master's and credential degree candidates wear the black tassel on the left side of the mortar board. Master's candidates carry their hoods on their right arms during the processional.

All degree candidates or credential recipients participating in the ceremony must wear academic regalia. Corsages or other adornments should not be worn on the regalia, nor should regalia be altered or modified in any way. The Honors Medallions are authorized to be worn as part of the regalia. Appropriate clothing should be worn beneath the regalia. Those who are not dressed properly will be asked to leave the assembly area and will not be allowed to participate.

Where can academic regalia and announcements be purchased and how much do they cost?

The Spartan Bookstore Graduation Center opens April 1. Purchase your bachelor's regalia (cap, gown, tassel) for $47.98 and master's regalia (cap, gown, hood & tassel) for $82.98. Also, please note that regalia, diploma frames, rings and announcements may also be purchased online at Herff Jones. You are encouraged to purchase your regalia no later than April 30th. The Bookstore will continue to provide caps and gowns and other graduation products through May, but cannot guarantee all sizes and availability after April 30.

To purchase your regalia, you must know:

  1. what degree you will receive (bachelor's or master's);
  2. the name of the department and the college for your major field of study;
  3. your height, to properly size your gown.


Regalia Colors

Master's Degree Hoods
MA White
MS Gold
MBA Sapphire Blue
MFA Brown
MPA Citron
MPH Salmon
MSW Citron
MUP Citron
MLIS Lemon

All master's and credential tassels are black.

Baccalaureate Tassels
Applied Sciences & the Arts Olive Green Olive Green
Business Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue
Education Light Blue Light Blue
Engineering Orange Orange
Humanities & the Arts White White
Sciences Gold Gold
Social Sciences Cream Cream


Special Grad Perk!
New graduates who join the Alumni Association will receive 10% off their bachelor's or master's regalia purchase! Membership is only $25 and includes a variety of benefits. You can join the Alumni Association at the Spartan Bookstore, online, by phone (408-924-6515), or stop by the Alumni Association in Clark Hall 300.