Campus Website Migration Policy

In fall 2011, San José State University launched a new website and content management system (CMS). These changes improve the experience of our website visitors, make it easier for users to find important content across our site, and provide a consistent visual identity for the university. Campus leadership has made it clear the entire campus is expected to migrate to the new site design by December 1, 2012.

Migrating has many benefits to campus users, although the process does pose some challenges as well.

Benefits of migration

  • The new CMS makes it easier for non-technical staff to manage and update your content over time.
  • Consistent information architecture across makes it easier for users to find the content they are looking for, and the new site is built and indexed for better search results.
  • A consistent look and feel across allows your department or program to benefit from the strength of SJSU’s broader identity, and makes your affiliation with the university crystal clear to site visitors.
  • New technologies and future ideas can now be deployed site-wide as they are adopted, distributing the benefits of innovation to all users.

Challenges of migration

  • Migrating to the new CMS will require time and energy. We hope many users will use this transition as an opportunity to reassess and update their content and navigation.
  • Some technologies may not be compatible with the new CMS. Users who cannot adopt the new CMS can adopt the look and feel of the new design by “skinning” their pages using the new Template Kit.

Getting started and finding resources

Not migrating yet?

Campus leadership has made it clear that the entire campus is expected to migrate to the new site design. However, in some cases, migration to the new site design may take some time.

  • In the meantime, noncompliant sites are required to meet the following minimum standards:
    • The full, correct name of the university must appear on all SJSU websites: San José State University (note accent) and must link to
    • The correct SJSU logo (in color or grey and black) must appear on every page.
  • In addition, the following minimum standards are strongly preferred:
    • The vertical SJSU banner should frame the left edge of page content and should link to
    • Pages should use Verdana almost exclusively, the exception being Georgia used for headings
    • Font size for body text should be a minimum of 14pt. Campus styles are built on a 16px base font size, with headings being increasingly larger and body text and some navigation text being only slightly smaller.