Website Updates

Project overview

This summer there will be several updates and enhancements to the university website. These updates are based upon frequent and consistent user feedback from the university community, website accessibility requirements, user behavior evaluations and data analysis. The size of text will be increased in content areas making it easier to read stories and browse information. Font style updates and text size increases will also be applied to the website's navigation menus to enhance usability and for visual consistency. Our aim is to make it easier and faster for you to find what is most relevant and meaningful. As with any site update, there will be a site review and testing process involving all OU Campus users. We appreciate your patience and support.


  1. Address user feedback
  2. Meet Web accessibility standards
  3. Use analytics to optimize navigation, header and footer content

Summary of Changes

  1. Font size increase
  2. Primary body font change from Georgia (serif) to Verdana (sans serif)
  3. Heading styling updated and baseline established
  4. Site navigation menu and breadcrumb menu extended to full page width
  5. Social Media, MySJSU, Athletics, Giving icons moved
  6. Footer content reorganized


Website Review Checklist

Website Screenshots

Updates will occur in the areas of the page indicated below.

Subsite Update

New Subsite