Website Update Examples

Update Areas

The following updates will occur on the homepage and all websites. Each area includes a brief description and screenshot below.

  • Font Size Increase
  • Slideshow Titles and Captions
  • Navigation Menus and Breadcrumbs Extended
  • Heading Styles Update
  • Secondary Navigation and Quick Links
  • Icons for Social Media, MySJSU, Athletics and Giving
  • Footer Expanded
  • Quick Links (Homepage)
  • Search Box Design

Font Size Increase

Website users have provided detailed and thoughtful feedback regarding the size of text. Numerous users reported negative feedback regarding the use of such small font sizes. A font size increase and change in body font styling, serif to sans serif, will be applied to all webpages, addressing both user feedback and website accessibility. The font style will be updated from Georgia to Verdana.

Sample of the font size increase (new font size and style on the right):

sjsu homepage news box


Slideshow Titles and Captions

The slideshow features a rotating set of images on the homepage and top level pages on subsites. The font size increase will be applied to both titles and captions.


New Slide Show


Navigation Menus and Breadcrumbs Extended

With the font size increase, primary site navigation menus and breadcrumb links at the top of the page will be extended to the full width of the page.


sjsu homepage header


Heading Styles Update

Headings are important for organizing content into a summary of scannable parts. Inconsistent styling and ordering of headings has resulted in a number of accessibility and usability issues. Headings will now be stripped of inconsistent styling and one consistent style has been established.

Sample of new headings:

sjsu homepage heading styling


Quick Links and Secondary Navigation

Font size increases are also being applied to the Quick Links section and secondary navigation links that appear along the right side of the page. Note: not all sites have Quick Links setup. If you do not have them, but would be interested, please ask Web Services for more information.


New Quick Links 2

New Side Navigation


Icons for Social Media, MySJSU, Athletics and Giving

The icons previously found in the upper right corner of the page are now arranged vertically on the right hand side and feature a text label beside the icon. For example, the MySJSU icon now displays "MySJSU" in text to make the link more prominent and clear. Same goes for the social media icons if you have them turned on. 


New Icons


Footer Expanded

The footer is being reorganized to make the links easier to navigate by grouping them into categories. Additional links are being added according to webpage analytics, user behavior and user feedback.


New Footer



Quick Links (Homepage and Top Level pages only)

Links appearing in the Quick Links menu in the upper right corner of the homepage and top-level pages will be displayed more prominently across the page below the slide show. This change does not affect most subsites.


New Quick Links


Search Box Design

The search box has been updated. It's now a larger size for inputting your query along with new styling and new features including Type Ahead which predicts your query as you type. Give it a try!


new search box