SJSU Power Source

“Power” is revealed through the triumphs and accomplishments of the people in your college, department or program.

The SJSU Power Source will help you to tell the stories of Spartans. And all of those individual stories add up to the whole story of the San Jose State experience—our brand.

History of the "Power" Concept

Power is found inside every Spartan. It is what drives, moves and inspires us.

It did not begin when San Jose State started “powering Silicon Valley.” It began in 1857 before the Civil War, when we were the first State Normal School, and the teachers we trained set out to educate the people of a young California. It helped us through earthquakes, population growth, the Great Depression and the rising cost of public higher education. It makes us rise up for social justice so often that we have a campus tour honoring this legacy. For more than 150 years, we have been using what inspires us as individuals to create change and to shape the world.

Individual “power” is as unique as each Spartan. But there are shared qualities like resilience, creativity and commitment that connect generations of Spartans. When we moved from our original location in San Francisco to San Jose, we began to build our community around a piece of land called Washington Square. Now, the 154-acre campus anchors the 10th largest city in the United States and Spartans are found around the globe.

A master craftsman named Leonidas Pratt declared that first foundation stone of the campus’s first building “well formed, true and trusty.” It is merely a coincidence that this man shared the name of a warrior king of ancient Sparta. But, as he described, SJSU’s foundation is strong. And it is upon this foundation that every Spartan builds.

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