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A logo is not a brand. A brand is not a logo.

SJSU does not have a single “logo.” We now use a series of marks. (Remember: We’re no longer using “the bricks.”)

Our new university marks support our brand (aka the story of San Jose State’s people). If this is news to you, please read How to Tell Your Story and review SJSU Power Source: A Multi-Platform Communication Guide.

Using these university marks across all platforms—in printed materials, on websites, blogs, social media channels and in SJSU videos—helps to deepen recognition of San Jose State among our audiences and visually connects the many ways we tell the stories of Spartans.

NOTE: If you just want to swap out the "bricks," please use the new primary mark, which is SJSU's main identifier.

Campus unit lockups

While campus units may have their own lockups, the best way to distinguish your department or program is with people-focused storytelling. SJSU Power Source: A Multi-Platform Communication Guide will help you support your storytelling with your lockup or the university's primary mark.

Download your campus unit lockup.

Primary Mark

SJSU San Jose State University

Download Primary Mark

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University Wordmark

San Jose State University

Download Wordmark

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SJSU Monogram

San Jose State University

Download Monogram

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Spirit Mark

San Jose State University

Download Spirit Mark

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Note: This new mark does not replace the current SJSU Athletics Spartan helmet. It is an option for campus users who would like to express Spartan pride with an identifying element.

Looking for SJSU's spirit mark variations? View usage guidelines and download spirit mark variations.

University Wordmark with Tagline 

San Jose State University Powering Silicon Valley

Download Wordmark with Tagline

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Our tagline has been translated into Chinese (simplified), Korean and Vietnamese. More languages to come! Suggest a language or send us a translation.