OfficeMax Issue Report

Thank you for all of the excellent feedback on ordering business stationery through OfficeMax. We are working with OfficeMax to address the following issues. When the issues are resolved, this page will be updated.

To report an issue, please contact Ivan Osorio, SJSU's OfficeMax representative.


Delivery/lead times

Estimated delivery times that were initially included with our business stationery items in OfficeMax's portal were incorrect. Delivery time was significantly underestimated. OfficeMax is reviewing both lead times and delivery estimates for all items and will update them accordingly.

Business cards: email address

The default email format for business cards has an updated from "" You may now enter other email formats. However, using your "" email address is recommended.

Business cards: department website

The default department website format for business cards has been updated from "" While you may now enter other website domains, using "http://www" is not recommended.

Business cards: phone/fax options 

The following options for phone and fax lines are now available on SJSU business cards:

Horizontal card

Line 1 for phone: "Direct" or "Main" or "Mobile"
Line 2 for phone: "Direct" or "Main" or "Mobile" or "Fax"

Vertical card

Line 1 for phone: "Direct" or "Main" or "Mobile"
Line 2 for phone: "Direct" or "Main" or "Mobile"
Line 3 for phone: "Fax" or "Mobile"

Item preview and PDF proof

UPDATED 1/13/15: The ability to view and print a full-size PDF proof for all items in SJSU's catalog is now available. If you have difficulty with this new functionality, please contact Ivan Osorio, SJSU's OfficeMax representative

Saving items in the portal

The "save" function is not working properly. When you save and move on to another screen, you may lose your saved information. OfficeMax is working to address this problem.

Print quality and ink color

If you are concerned about print quality or ink color, when you receive your cards or letterhead, please send a scanned sample to Ivan Osorio, SJSU's OfficeMax representative.

Customized business cards 

Currently, there are two options for business cards: vertical and horizontal. These are SJSU's official business cards. For both, you may choose either the university seal or the spirit mark to be printed on the back of your card. Customization or modification of these cards will not be available.

NOTE: The vertical card has more lines for titles and websites to accommodate those who may have had double-sided cards in the past.