Social Media Avatars and Covers

Avatar and cover image applied to SJSU's Facebook page

SJSU's Facebook page desktop sample

Your social media avatar and cover images are important elements of your overall web presence. Promoting your stories with a visually consistent web and social media presence will distinguish your department or program—while helping to build a friendly, professional virtual community.

Avatars and covers vary in size and are sometimes automatically cropped, depending on the channel and device. Therefore, including text on photos is not recommended. Instead, use a social media a cover that showcases a scene of the season with photography. Let your cover reveal your Spartan pride all year long with photos from our photo library.

Social media avatars

SJSU's social media avatars are always the spirit icon with your choice of color for the icon and background. Be mindful of color contrast when choosing colors. The spirit icon should always be recognizable. Don’t let your background colors or photography overpower the icon. Complex images never work well as avatars.

Blue Avatar Yellow avatar Grey Avatar

Download the social media avatars in university colors sized for the following social media channels (How to download):

All avatars [zip] 487kb 



Covers allow you to tell your story and provide context for your users with impactful photography. 

Download covers sized for the following social media channels:

Facebook 851 x 315px
Google Plus 1080 x 608px
LinkedIn 646 x 220px
Twitter 1500 x 500px
YouTube 2560 x 1440px

King Library

All King Library covers [zip] 1.8 MB


Sammy Spartan

All Sammy Spartan covers [zip] 3.3 MB


Smith Carlos Sculpture

All Smith/Carlos statue covers [zip] 990 KB


Tower Hall

All Tower Hall covers [zip] 2.3 MB


Spartan Up

All Spartan up covers [zip] 2 MB


Students on Tower Lawn

All students on lawn covers [zip] 4.6 MB


Spartan Fans at a Football Game

All Spartan Squad covers [zip] 5.4 MB


Campus Landscape

All landscape covers [zip] 3.3 MB


Students Walking on Campus

All Spartans in motion covers [zip] 3.7 MB


Campus Gates

All campus gate covers [zip] 2.8 MB


SJSU Campus Landscape

All San Jose State covers [zip] 1 MB


SJSU Marching Band

All marching band covers [zip] 4.3 MB

Fans at Spartan Stadium

All Stadium fans covers [zip] 2.7 MB


Grad at Commencement Ceremony

All graduate covers [zip] 2.8 MB

Grads at Commencement Cermony

All commencement covers [zip] 3.1 MB

All covers [zip] 42.2 MB


I want it all!

Download all available social media avatars and covers.

All avatars and covers [zip] 45 MB


How to download your avatars and covers

How to download a jpeg or zip file on Windows and Mac OS.

How to apply your avatars and covers

Avatar and cover dimensions and instructions on how to apply both to your social media channels.