It is extremely important that your page represents the official voice of the university. Please make sure your profile photos and other imagery adhere to SJSU’s social media visual identity standards.

Naming Social Media

When choosing a name for your social media channel, use the abbreviated name of the university before the name of your area. Here are a few examples:

  • sjsuadmissions
  • sjsuarts
  • sjsuengineering
  • sjsuorientation
  • sjsu-enrollment
  • sjsu-spartanpride

Note that using a hyphen to separate the university and department names is acceptable. If you inherited a social media platform with a name not using this convention, there is no need to change the name (in some cases like, it may not be possible). Just use this convention going forward.

Key Messages

Your group’s key messaging goals (as defined in your plan) can be told through the stories of people in your college, department or program. Social media is an excellent place to reinforce who we are and what we’re all about. There's no need to post your goals directly on your sites. Instead, post stories, links, information, photos and other content that reinforces these ideas and shows progress toward these goals.

Read the SJSU Power Source to learn how to focus on the attributes that make SJSU unique: Practical Intelligence, Global Access and Destination for Learning.

Vision 2017 Strategic Goals

  • Spartan Pride - Develop vibrant, safe and welcoming communities that create a sense of belonging and instill Spartan pride.
  • Unbounded Learning - Enhance student success through continuous learning innovations.
  • Helping and Caring - Create a culture of helping.
  • Agility Through Technology - Improve organizational responsiveness through an advanced technology infrastructure and by elimination of procedural obstacles.
  • 21st Century Spaces - Provide gathering spaces and up-to-date facilities.