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Where's the SJSU "logo"?

A strong, integrated visual identity is the key to expressing San Jose State's personality and supporting our public image. Our former "bricks" logo has been replaced with a visual identity system. Just want to swap out the "bricks"? Please use the new Primary Mark.

In addition to the Primary Mark, SJSU Monogram, University Wordmark, Spirit Mark, University Name with Tagline and Lockups for each campus unit, the SJSU Visual Identity System | Basic Graphic Style Guide includes our Official Colors and usage guidelines for the SJSU Spartan Typeface.

Campus unit lockups

Our team is working on creating updated lockups for colleges, departments and programs already using them. If you need a new lockup, or you're unsure if your department has requested one in the past, please send us a lockup request.


PMS 2935M 300U 300C
C100 M70 Y0 K5
R0 G85 B162


PMS 7406M 7405U 124C
C10 M35 Y100 K0
R229 G168 B35


PMS 423M 8U 422C
C0 M0 Y0 K55
R147 G149 B151

Official Colors

Your San Jose State-branded materials are about to get a boost. With our brighter, updated color palette, everything you design will feel more active and current.

Stay true to your Spartan colors! Please follow this print and web color guide carefully. Correct use of color plays an important roll in how our audiences recognize us.

SJSU San Jose State University

Primary Mark

Download Primary Mark

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San Jose State University

University Wordmark

Download Wordmark

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San Jose State University

SJSU Monogram

Download Monogram

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San Jose State University

Spirit Mark

Download Spirit Mark

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Note: This new mark does not replace the current SJSU Athletics Spartan helmet. It is an option for campus users who would like to express Spartan pride with an identifying element.

San Jose State University Powering Silicon Valley

University Name with Tagline 

Download Name with Tagline

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Our tagline has been translated into Chinese (simplified), Korean and Vietnamese. More languages to come! Suggest a language or send us a translation.