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Created for Spartans, by Spartans

Connect the individual stories of Spartans to the university as a whole with our new visual identity system. Consistent and thoughtful use of our typeface and identifying marks supports your “power” storytelling, while enhancing the reputation of San Jose State.

The creation of our visual identity system is a fine example of “practical intelligence” with a personal story. It was created right here at San Jose State through a collaboration with graphic design faculty members and students—for Spartans, by Spartans.

SJSU Spartan Typeface Story

The SJSU Spartan Typeface is the foundation of the entire “power” brand. Having a proprietary typeface is an effective way to create a consistent, recognizable look to all communication materials. Few universities have unique typefaces. San Jose State has an added distinction: the SJSU Spartan Typeface was created right here on campus.

Created by Associate Professor Chang Kim, the typeface is an entire family of letters with which to tell the SJSU story. Kim developed our hybrid typeface, drawing inspiration from the classic fonts of ancient Sparta, several mid-century old style typefaces, as well as transitional and modern typefaces. By integrating characteristics of each, he has produced a typeface that expresses both our history as the first campus of the California State University system and our dynamic future as Silicon Valley's public university.

The letterforms are round, stable and strong with no thin or fragile elements. They have Spartan character. Formed from these Spartan-crafted letters, your words, messages and letter patterns will have even deeper meaning. As the shapes of the letterforms permeate all media, our communication materials will take on a familiar Spartan personality.

When our words, images and stories change over time, the letters of our typeface will be the timeless expression of who we are: Spartans.

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