Request Campus-Wide Email

To Send, or not to Send?

San Jose State email inboxes are full. To avoid cluttering them further, we will send your campus-wide message only if it:

  • Is of broad relevance to the campus community.
  • Cannot be better communicated via other channels.
  • Has been approved by your division's vice president.

Please note that we generally do not publicize any events via campus-wide email. Also, we cannot include images or attachments. If you need to include a document, please upload it to your website or to Google Docs and include a link to the document in the body of the message. Your message may be edited for clarity or SJSU Editorial Style, and may be scheduled for delayed distribution depending on other messages in the queue.

Please contact Pat Harris, director of media relations, at 408-924-1174 to request a campus-wide email.

Your other options

If a campus-wide email isn't appropriate, we're certain we can help you get the word out another way, perhaps by publicizing your news on SJSU Today, the university calendar, Facebook and/or Twitter. Contact the Marketing and Communications team.