SJSU Identity Standards and Visual System Guidelines

We deserve to look as professional as we are.

We know you're proud of your work within the university. You may not know that others are proud of you, too. When people talk about SJSU, they're quite complimentary.

In a blind survey done in August 2007, we asked people to name the top four universities in the Bay Area. SJSU came in third -- right after Berkeley and Stanford. SJSU also consistently ranked between third and fifth against UC, CSU and private colleges from San Diego to Chico for academic quality, popularity and reputation with employers.

Best of all, our reputation is on the rise. We're one of the most well-regarded universities of California -- and now we're going to look the part.

View or download the Identity Standards, Visual System and Writing Guidelines [PDF].


Why do you need to follow these guidelines?

With so many colleges, departments, auxiliaries and administrative offices creating communications in their own style, SJSU has been presenting quite a fractured face to the rest of the world. This creates an impression of disunity on and off campus, which SJSU hardly deserves.

San José State is an extraordinary place. It is one of America's major urban teaching universities and has an unmatched record for graduating capable men and women who go on to work in the world's most dynamic, entrepreneurial region. We provide solid professional preparation for more than 6,000 graduates each year. We serve an extremely diverse population. For more than 150 years, SJSU has partnered with businesses and local government to drive Silicon Valley's success. In all sectors of the community -- from artists to engineers, educators to journalists, business people to political leaders -- San José State's impact is second to none.

This visual system will help tell that story to the world.