Academic and Administrative Unit Lockups

The primary brand of San José State University is San José State University. All the colleges, departments, etc., make SJSU the great institution that it is, but the university as a whole is the most important aspect of our identity. That's why we design these typographic lockups, or arrangements, for all of SJSU's academic and administrative units. Please don't customize or otherwise rearrange these lockups (that's why we call them lockups).

Use the horizontal lockup wherever you can. Only use the vertical design when space is limited.

The Office of Marketing and Communications will create lockups for all colleges, departments or groups. Please call 408-924-1166 for your lockup.

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Download times vary. Expect the process to take a few minutes.

Download lockups

Academic Advising, Retention Services

Academic Affairs

Academic Technology

ADA Compliance Office

Adaptive Technology Center

Administration and Finance

Advancement Operations

Advising Hub

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Studies

Alternative Media Center

Art and Art History

Aspire/McNair School Program

Associated Students

Associated Students: Campus Recreation

Associated Students: Cesar E. Chavez Community Action Center

Associated Students: Child Development Center

Associated Students: Computer Services Center

Associated Students: General Services Center

Associated Students: Government

Associated Students: Print Shop

Associated Students: Special Events

Associated Students: Transportation Solutions


Aviation and Technology

Biomedical, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Campus Reading Program

Career Center

Center for Faculty Development and Support

Center for Community Learning and Leadership

Chemical and Material Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering

CME Society: Connect Motivate Educate

College of Applied Sciences and Art

College of Business

College of Business Center for Banking and Financial Services

College of Business and the Lucas Graduate School of Business

College of Education

College of Education - Educational Leadership

College of Engineering

College of Engineering, Extended Studies

College of Humanities and the Arts

College of International and Extended Studies Faculty Led Programs

College of International and Extended Studies Study Abroad Programs

College of Science

College of Science - Science Education Program

College of Social Sciences

Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Continuing Education Units Program

Counseling Services

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Disability Resource Center


Ed.D. Leadership Program

Educational Opportunity Program

Electrical Engineering

Employee Assistance Program

Employment Accommodations Resource Center

English and Comparative Literature

Enrollment and Academic Services

Financial Aid and Scholarships

FYRST Programs

General Engineering

Global Studies

Graduate Admission and Program Evaluation

Graduate Studies and Research

Health Professions

Health Science

Health Science, Department of

Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management

Human Resources

Human Resources MPP Leadership Program

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Information Technology Services

International and Extended Studies

International and Extended Studies, Extended Education Programs

International Gateways

International House

International Leadership and Student Recruitment

International Programs and Services

Journalism and Mass Communications

Justice Studies


King Library

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center

Library and Informatio Science

Lucas College and Graduate School of Business

Lucas Graduate School of Business

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center



Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging

Occupational Therapy

Office of the President

Office of the Provost

Office of the Registrar

Open University

Peer Mentor Program

Political Science

Pre-College Programs


Public Affairs

Research Foundation

Salzburg Program

Sbona Honors Program

School of Library and Information Science

School of Music & Dance

Science Education Resource Center

Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurship

Silicon Valley Center for Global Innovation and Immigration

Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies

Social Work

Software Engineering

Spartan Daily

Spartan Rec Connect

Spartan Shops

Spartan Shops Bookstore

Spartan Shops Catering

Spartan Shops Dining

Spartan Shops Information Services

Spartan Shops Real Estate

Special Session

STEM Education Center (Jay Pinson)

Stem Education Program

STEM Education Program (Jay Pinson)

Student Affairs

Student Conduct & Ethical Development

Student Health Center

Student Health Center: Treat Yourself Well

Student Health Center: Wellness and Health Promotion

Student Involvement

Student Involvement: Fraternity and Sorority Life

Student Involvement: Orientation and Transition

Student Involvement: Student Organizations and Leadership

Student Outreach and Recruitment

Student Union

Studies in American Language

Summer Session

Testing Office

Timpany Center

Tower Foundation

Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate Evaluations

Undergraduate Studies Fyrst Programs Office

University Advancement

University Computing and Telecommunications

University Housing Services

University Police

University Technology Services

Urban and Regional Planning

Winter Session

Women's Resource Center