It is extremely important to use appropriate images and logos to indicate to users that your page represents the official voice of the university and to distinguish it from channels created by individuals, student groups or others.

Public Affairs is also creating an identity kit that will include profile images and other assets to brand your social media as official SJSU channels.The identity kit will be designed with flexibility in mind—we understand your group’s need to express its unique identity—while also clearly indicating an affiliation with the university. Until these resources are developed, please make sure your profile photos, logos and other images adhere as closely as possible to SJSU’s graphic identity standards and use the appropriate logo variations.

Naming Social Media

When choosing a name for your social media channel, use the abbreviated name of the university before the name of your area. Here are a few examples:

  • sjsuadmissions
  • sjsuarts
  • sjsuengineering
  • sjsuorientation
  • sjsu-enrollment
  • sjsu-spartanpride

Note that using a hyphen to separate the university and department name is acceptable. If you inherited a social media platform with a name not using this convention, there is no need to change the name (in some cases like it may not be possible). Just use this convention moving forward.

Key Messages

In addition to your group’s key messages (as defined in your plan), please keep in mind the key messages and goals of San José State University. We are all responsible for working toward the university’s goals and communicating these key messages on a continual basis. Social media is an excellent place to reinforce who we are and what we’re all about.

Keep in mind that communicating these goals and messages does not mean posting them directly on your sites, but posting stories, links, information, photos and other content that reinforce these ideas or show progress toward these goals.

SJSU Goals

  • Spartan Pride - Develop vibrant, safe and welcoming communities that create a sense of belonging and instill Spartan pride.
  • Unbounded Learning - Enhance student success through continuous learning innovations.
  • Helping and Caring - Create a culture of helping.
  • Agility Through Technology - Improve organizational responsiveness through an advanced technology infrastructure and by elimination of procedural obstacles.
  • 21st Century Spaces - Provide gathering spaces and up-to-date facilities.

SJSU Key Messages

  • Powering Silicon Valley - San José State University has been an agent of change in the Bay Area for more than 150 years and is a prominent, student-centered university and a crucial resource for Silicon Valley, the state and the world.
  • Access to Success - A model of the global society to come, San José State is a leader in graduating students of diverse backgrounds, including thousands who were the first in their family to attend college. Our faculty members work directly with students and open doorways through research, internships and networking. Classes, clubs and athletics offer opportunities to practice leadership and develop multi-cultural and global perspectives.
  • Partnering for Innovation - San José State initiates a wide range of collaborations with area business and government, taking student service learning to new levels and promoting a college-going culture in local communities.