To schedule an advising appointment with one of our academic advisors click on the "Book Now" button at the bottom of the page. *** NOTE: please read the information below before proceeding to the online scheduling system.

  • ADVISING HOLD REMOVAL - To have your College of Science hold removed, please contact your assigned academic advisor. If you are not sure who your academic advisor is, contact either our office (DH 213 or 408-924-5193) or your department office. Click here of a list of CoS departments and their contact info.
  • Biology - There are four groups of Biology students (all concentrations) required to meet with Gina Ciardella. These groups include:

1). Students that began in remedial coursework at SJSU and HAVE NOT yet completed Biol 1B or Chem 1B with a C or better.

2). Transfer students who HAVE NOT yet completed Biol 1B or Chem 1B with a C or better.

3). Students on Probation in the Major.

4). Those interested in changing their major out of Biology.

Also, for general questions about the Biology major and university resources, please contact Gina. All other Biology majors must meet with their faculty advisors. For a list of the current faculty advisors, please contact the Biology department in DH 254. If you'd like to change your major to biology and have taken less than 90 units, please contact Prof. Stephanie Trewhitt (Office: DH 237). For those with 90 units or more, you will need to contact Dr. Michael Sneary (Office: DH 254).

  • Chemistry -If your major is Chemistry (all concentrations), and you HAVEN'T completed Chem 113A, or you're interested in changing your major to Chemistry, then schedule an appointment with Bruce Keeler. If you have completed Chem 113A and received a grade of C or better, then you should contact your faculty advisor. Click here for the list of Chemistry faculty advisors.
  • Computer Science - Please contact CoSAC to make an advising appointment.  CoSAC contact information Phone:408-924-5193, email:
  • GE advising -  For General Education advising please schedule an appointment with Debbie Goff.
  • For questions about the following majors: Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Meteorology and Climate Science, Geology, please contact the major department office, or a faculty advisor. Click here of a list of CoS departments and their contact info.


If you feel you still need assistance, please call our College of Science Advising Center receptionist at 408-924-5193 or visit us in DH 213!


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