Tips To Learn More

  • Geology Department Website
    • Read the department website to see if Geology would be a good fit.  
    • Check out the course requirements on and ask yourself if you see yourself enjoying those types of classes.
  • Career Center: Resources by Major
    • Contains job sites and associations related to this field.
    • Read through the job postings to see if it sounds like a field where you'd like to start a career.
  • Conduct Informational Interviews
    • Talk to people who are involved/work in this field and ask them about the work they do and why they pursued it. A great way to find out what you want to do in life is to learn about others' stories.
    • Reach out to family, friends, professors, classmates, alumni, colleagues; join student clubs; attend panels/conferences/networking events; go to job fairs and/or information sessions; volunteer; etc.
    • Use LinkedIn.

Below is an informational interview with Dr. Jonathan Miller, SJSU Geology professor. The information shared is not meant to cover ALL the information related to Geology.