Life Skills


Our workshops are designed to improve your academic and personal success at SJSU. 

Workshops are a great way for students to connect with peers, learn new skills and strategies, and grow both emotionally and educationally! We offer an extensive variety of workshops around the most important issues and challenges that students face.

We offer the Bronze, Silver and Gold level certificates (all FREE!).  Participate in any 3 sessions and receive a Bronze Certificate, 6 sessions will gain a Silver Certificate and 9 sessions will gain a Gold Certificate.

Go directly to SJSU events web page ( to register for a workshop by clicking on the "start registration" buttons below.  Space is limited and workshops with low registration may be cancelled.  We will accept walk-ins if space is available. 

These workshops are for SJSU students only and are wheelchair accessible. If you need other accommodations, please contact: Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Wellness Center, Room 300B (third floor),

There may be a few changes or additions, so come back often to see the most up to date schedule.

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Spring 2016


Unfortunately, there are no more workshops for the spring 2016 semester.


Please come back early fall 2016 semester to view an updated Life Skills Workshops list.




Life Skills Workshops offered include the following:


Learn about the Calfresh program, who qualifies and how you can apply. We're here to help!  


Finding Happiness in a Stressful World                                                                   Unfortunately, just "trying to be happy" doesn't work. Instead, learn strategies to manage stress and build more experiences of happiness and meaning into your life.  


Healthy Relationships: Myths and Taboos                                                               This first workshop in the series on Healthy Relationships will cover Myths and Taboos in the realm of relationships.  


Achieving a Work-Life-School Balance                                                                     Are you having trouble managing all the various priorities in your life? Learn how to thrive and not just survive.  


Top Habits of Productive People                                                                               Ever wonder why some people are more successful than others? The answer is simple - they all have similar habits that help them become successful. Attend this workshop to discover some of these highly effective yet extremely easy habits and incorporate them in your own lives!  


Healthy Relationships:  Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict                                          Learn more about Healthy and Unhealthy Conflict in Relationships.  


Communication & Assertiveness                       

Improve your communication skills with professors, employers, family and friends. Learn how to speak assertively when expressing yourself to others.


Motivational Mondays                                     

Old bad habits die hard...until you’ve mastered the ‘Habit Loop’. Based on the bestseller by Charles Duhigg, this workshop will empower you to develop effective productive habits and stay motivated.  Learn small habits that will go a long way to help you succeed.  


Healthy Relationships:  Communication and Expectations in Relationships            This workshop will explore the many facets of roles and expectations in communication.  


Mindfulness for Beginners                                  

Learn a number of mind-body self-regulatory skills designed to improve concentration and decrease reactivity to distressing thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. 


Healthy Relationships: Surviving Relationships                                                      Understand the natural course of romantic relationships, and learn about how to recognize when a relationship may not be working and how you might effectively end it. 


Navigating SJSU on a Budget                                                                                  Learn about free and low cost resources on campus and in the community for food, healthcare, vision/dental care, counseling, legal services and more. Gain and share tips and strategies for surviving and thriving in college with limited financial resources. 


GENERATE:  Communication and Assertiveness                                                     

Improve your communication skills with professors, employers, family and friends. Learn how to speak assertively when expressing yourself to others.  


Body Image for a Diverse Population                                                                   

Please join us for this fun, interactive, and informative workshop for everyone! We will be exploring our personal and cultural beliefs about body image, deconstructing how we have come to have these beliefs, and identifying ways to feel good about your body and establish a healthy body image.  


Control Your Finances with a Spending Plan                

One of the first steps to financial security is planning and following through on a personal spending plan or budget. Budgeting is about choices—choosing how to make money and choosing how to spend money. 


Financial Empowerment                                     

Does your spending reflect your values? Do you know where your money is going? This workshop will offer tools for managing your money and taking hold of your financial future.  


GENERATE:  Mindfulness                             

for Beginners                                                                                

Learn the basics of mindfulness - a practice of paying attention non-judgmentally to the present moment - and how this practice can be used to help you live a fuller, more connected and present life.  


Managing Your Debt                                                    

This workshop is designed to help students better understand budgeting, responsible borrowing, and successful repayment strategies as well as many other aspects of effective money management.  


Healthy Relationships:  Communication and Expectations                                    

How do we communicate our expectations in relationships? What sort of factors influence our expectations? How can we show our loved ones that we are really listening to what they are saying? How can we effectively apologize when we make a mistake? What are the "love languages" that mean the most to us? And how can we talk about sex within our relationships? Newcomers to this workshop series are welcome to attend! 


Sleep Better Feel Better                                      
Sleeping better always seems to be a priority for all of us, but what things can we actually do to help us get higher quality sleep? Join us for our workshop on sleep hygiene to learn how sleep can affect our general well-being as well as get tips on how to rest well in order to live well!  


Yoga & Meditation                                                           

Join us for yoga, meditation, and relaxation before finals week.  


Let's Talk About Sex! For Women                                  

Are you a female-identified student who has difficulty communicating your needs and wants in sexual relationships? Do you have difficulty talking about sex? This one-part workshop is designed to help you to learn to communicate more openly with your partner(s) about your sexual desires, wants, and needs. 

Finding Happiness in a Stressful World      

Join me for a positive spin on the old "stress management" workshop! Why talk about stress when we can talk about how to enjoy life and be happy?