CAPS Life Skills Workshops

Our workshops are designed to improve your academic and personal success at SJSU. 


Workshops are a great way for students to connect with peers, learn new skills and strategies, and grow both emotionally and educationally! We offer an extensive variety of workshops around the most important issues and challenges that students face.

Go directly to SJSU events web page ( to register for a workshop by clicking on the "start registration" buttons below.  Space is limited and workshops with low registration may be cancelled.  We will accept walk-ins if space is available. 

These workshops are for SJSU students only and are wheelchair accessible. If you need other accommodations, please contact: Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Wellness Center, Room 300B (third floor),

There may be a few changes or additions, so come back often to see the most up to date schedule.


Spring 2017

Top Habits of Productive People 

Ever wonder why some people are more successful than others? The answer is simple- they all have similar habits that help them become successful. Attend this workshop to discover some of these highly effective yet extremely easy habits and incorporate them in your own lives!


Tues. Apr. 18 | 2pm- 3:15pm | SWC 122A                      registration

Facilitator: Jimma

Think before you swipe! Credit and Credit Cards

This workshop covers credit and credit cards.

Wed. Apr. 12 | 3:30- 4:30pm | SWC 122A                       

Facilitator: Philip Smith (Finaid)

Motivational Mondays 

Old habits die hard? Not until you've mastered the 'Habit Loop'. Based on the bestseller by Charles Duhigg, this workshop will empower you to develop positive habits and stay motivated not only on a Monday, but on everyday of a busy semester. Learn small habits that will go a long way to help you succeed and stay organized. 


Mon. Apr. 3 | 2pm- 3:15pm | SWC 122A (Christina)          registration


Mon. May 8 | 2pm- 3:15pm | SWC 122A (Jimma)              registration

Keep it Safe; keep a record; be well insured

Learn about insurance, finacial record keeping, and preventing identity theft. 

Mon. Apr. 3 | 3:30pm- 4:30pm | SWC 375/377                  


Thurs. Apr. 27 | 3:30pm- 4:30pm | SWC 122A                    

Facilitator: Philip Smith (Finaid) 

Overcoming Procrastination

Identify why and how you procrastinate and how to create better habits. 

Wed. Apr. 5 | 3:30pm- 4:30pm | SWC 122A                        registration

Facilitator: Yu-Ping 

Loan Repayment Options

This workshop will cover the various options for loan repayment (Federal Student loans only). It also covers returning to school and any difficulty making payments.

Fri. May 12 | 10:30am- 11:30am | SWC 122A                      

 Fri. May 12 | 3:30pm- 4:30pm | SWC 122A                        

Facilitator: Philip Smith (Finaid)