Groups are a great way for students to connect with peers, learn new skills and strategies, and grow both emotionally and educationally!  

We offer numerous types of groups that get students interacting and connecting to help each other. 

Groups are often the most effective way to

  • gain support and encouragement from others;
  • learn how you are perceived by others;
  • gain specific skills to improve your life;
  • develop relationship skills.

Ground rules, including confidentiality, are typically established with group members to help promote trust. For most benefit, consistent attendance is strongly encouraged. Read Debunking Myths about Group Therapy to learn more about how group works. 

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Fall 2016 Groups                                   COMING SOON!! 

Support Groups


LGBTQQA Discussion Group (PRIDE Center)                                                        

Join us in a safe, affirming space to connect with people in the LGBTQQIA community and discuss various themes and topics. Facilitators: Leilani

MEN: Meaningful Explorations and Networking                                                  

This group provides an opportunity for men to talk about issues they commonly face while receiving support and feedback from other men. A safe, confidential space will be provided to allow members to explore topics in-depth, with the goal of increasing self-awareness and life satisfaction. Facilitators: Karisman

Women’s Group                                                                                                                  

A supportive environment for women to talk, explore and grow. Topics can include stress, balance, relationships, school, work, identity, self esteem/confidence, body image, culture and many many more. Facilitators: Colleen

Mindful Living and Coping Skills


CALM: Calming Anxiety, Living Mindfully                                                              

Feeling a bit stressed, worried, or more anxious lately? Students will gain valuable skills to effectively manage stress, reduce feelings of anxiety, and increase confidence. All students welcome. Facilitators: David E

Contemplating Change                                                                                                    

Ambivalence to change is normal. This group recognizes that addictive behaviors (e.g. substance use, binge eating, shopping, or internet use) have benefits as well as consequences, and is open to anyone interested in the motivation and skills to change any addictive or undesirable behavior. Facilitators: Stephanie 

Cool, Calm, & Connected                                                                                               

If you are one of many people who struggle with talking to people in various social contexts, come join us in a safe, supportive space to learn and practice tools and techniques for managing social anxiety. Build confidence and work towards increased connectedness with others through practicing in this safe space together. Facilitators: Leilani


This is a 4-week workshop to learn different techniques to heal from traumas and/or abuses. Participants will learn the beginning steps to tap into their healing mind, their creativity, and their own wisdom in a safe environment. Wed 3:30-4:30 PM, starting 10/26. Facilitator: Ellen

Mindfulness for Depression                                                                                               

Come learn new skills to cope with and prevent future depressive symptoms during the 8-week long group. Through mindful awareness, we will learn how to shift our relationship to the thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations that contribute to depressive symptoms. Facilitators: Yu-Ping

Mindfulness in Action                                                                                                      

Interested in gaining greater self-awareness and understanding our impact on others?  During this weekly workshop series, come learn about how to actively apply mindfulness in everyday life. Come explore your values and multiple identities through step-by-step instruction, education, and live practice. Facilitators: Alex

Wise Mind                                                                                                                          

Want to learn new skills for coping with difficult emotions, tolerating distress, and managing your relationships? This group focuses on approaches and techniques to be more effective in these important areas of your life. New coping skills will be taught each week! Facilitators: David E

Interpersonal Groups


Understanding Self and Others                                                Multiple Times and Days

Members build relationships, become more aware of how they interact with others, and learn how to cope more effectively with interpersonal challenges in a safe, supportive environment. Two groups are available. Facilitators group I: Stephanie, Group II: Steve