Advent Group Ministries

Advent Group Ministries is a team of Christians with a mission of bringing hope, healing and Christ's love to hurting children and their families. We provide personal care through a professional staff of counselors and social worker and a network of well trained volunteers. This program provides help with transition into foster care programs, were we provide a full spectrum of training, counseling, and financial assistance to our foster parents. We also provide an innovative live-in-treatment program for chemically dependent teenagers, and provide help for accompanying emotional disturbed clients due to physical or sexual abuse. There is also a counseling program that is staffed by licensed and trained professionals with focus on unifying and strengthening troubled families.

What can you do?

People like you make a difference between providing minimal treatment or offering the kind of intensive one-on-one help these at-risk kids and families help.
To many of our children are living a nightmare. We need your help to give them back their dreams.
For more information on how you can:

  1. Come work with us
  2. Become a resident Counselor, Social Worker, etc.
  3. Volunteer your time
  4. Become a Foster Parent
  5. Receive low cost counseling
  6. Donate items or money for our recovery group homes