Program Learning Outcomes

1.  Leadership

1A.  Advocacy skills to support equity and social justice

1B.  Knowledge and skills to support collaborations with multiple stakeholders 

1C.  Knowledge and skills to develop prevention and intervention counseling programs

1D.  Knowledge of ethical practices within the counseling profession

2.  Effective Assessment and Counseling Skills

2A.  Knowledge and skills to assess and counsel individuals

2B.  Knowledge and skills to assess and counsel groups

2C.  Knowledge and skills to conduct education planning and career counseling

2D.  Knowledge and skills to assess and counsel multicultural and special-needs populations  

2E.  Knowledge of counseling services as related to community development

3.  Intercultural Effectiveness

3A.  Knowledge and skills to communicate effectively within a multicultural society

4.  Reflective Thinking

4A.  Ability to analyze the impact of social, cultural, biological, and educational environments on individuals' growth and development

4B.  Ability to critically analyze psychological and counseling theories

4C.  Ability to critically analyze current counseling practices

4D.  Demonstrate a critical approach to scientific inquiry

5.  Lifelong Learning

5A.   Membership and participation in professional organizations
5B.   Demonstrate on-going professional development