Internship Program Requirements

Welcome to the world of Internships for future counselors! Making the decision to gain experience in the field of your choice will give you the opportunity to learn and decide whether the career path you have chosen is right for you. Not only will an internship provide invaluable experience, but it will open the door to other opportunities as well. Hopefully, your internship will be the beginning of a successful and lengthy career. Good Luck!

Requirements for M.A and PPS Credential in Counselor Education

To obtain the PPS Credential in Counselor Education, you are required to complete 12 units of internship at two school levels totaling 600 hours through EdCo 292 
**EdCo 292 is not required for M.A candidates, but highly recommended.


Counselor Education (EDCO) Fieldwork FAQ's


Q1.   How do I find placement for fieldwork?

A1.  Fieldwork is the precursor to employment and therefore, you are asked to approach this very much like finding a job.  Have an updated resume ready and if you are responding to a request for interns, follow the specified process.  The EDCO department assists in placement by inviting representatives from districts and agencies to present available fieldwork placements at the information sessions.  The EDCO website provides placement descriptions and contact information from potential sites as well.  


Q2.  How many hours per week do I need to commit to fieldwork?

A2.  200 hours of fieldwork per semester are required for a 3 credit unit course.  Over a 16 week-long semester this works out to be 12.5 hours per week.  However, site supervisors may prefer a 15 hour per week commitment and you will need to account for University and school holidays, length of SJSU semester, and paperwork deadlines.  It is best to set and confirm your fieldwork schedule with your site supervisor.


Q3.  Do I need to purchase professional liability insurance if I am already employed in the school/district where I am gaining fieldwork hours?

A3.  If you are covered under your district’s liability insurance, you need to get a letter from your HR department that specifies that you have coverage.  Submit this letter in place of proof of liability insurance.  In this case, you do not have to purchase professional liability insurance, although it is recommended that you do so as a way to protect yourself more completely.


Q4.  What happens if I am unable to complete my hours in one semester?

A4.  You will be given an Incomplete.  Once all hours and paperwork are completed and submitted, your University faculty supervisor will then submit paperwork to replace the incomplete with a credit for the course.


Q5.  How long are the mandatory meetings?

A5.  Meetings are approximately 2 hours long.  Students are asked to plan to attend the meeting from 4:00PM -6:00PM.


Q6.  How many hours of Fieldwork are required for the MA?

A6.  It is not required that you take EDCO 292 (200 hours) for the MA program, however, it is strongly recommended. 


Q7.  Can 200 of the 600 hours of the Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPSC) requirement be completed in Higher Education or other non K-12 site?

A7.  Students working towards the PPSC have to complete a minimum of 600 fieldwork hours.  400 hours must be completed within a K-12 public school setting, at two different levels with 200 hours at each level (e.g., 200 hours in middle school and 200 hours in high school or 200 hours in elementary and 200 hours in high school) and supervised by an on-site supervisor with a PPSC. The remaining 200 hours can be completed anywhere as long as it involves counseling or counseling-related experience and the on-site supervisor has a Master’s degree.


Q8.  If I am only pursuing the Master's Degree (no PPSC) do I have to be enrolled in EDCO 227 before I can sign-up for fieldwork in a college/university setting?

A8. Students who are only working towards the Master's degree (and not the PPSC) are not required to take EDCO 227 since it focuses specifically on K-12 populations and issues.


Q9.  Do any specific courses need to be completed before taking EDCO 292?

A9.  Yes, you will need to complete EDC0 215, EDCO 218, EDCO 232 and EDCO 248 prior to signing up for EDCO 292.  If you are working towards the PPSC, the completion of EDCO 227 is also required and may be taken concurrently with your first EDCO 292 if not completed prior.


Q10.  If I am employed by the school district where I will be gathering fieldwork hours and have already completed the fingerprinting process, how can I provide proof of fingerprinting to the department?

A10.  You may ask the district HR department to provide you with a letter confirming that you have been fingerprinted and cleared. 


Q11.   Can I complete 400 hours at the same fieldwork site?

A11.  Yes, you may do so.  Some site supervisors prefer a one year commitment instead of just one semester.   For the PPSC, if you can complete 400 hours at one site and/or school level, then the last 200 hours must be completed at a different K-12 school level. 


Q12.  Are there any sites that have paid options?

A12.  Yes, there are a few fieldwork sites that offer stipends.  This changes from semester to semester.  However, the majority of sites do not provide any stipend or monetary compensation.


Q13.  If I register in two sections of EDCO 292 in one semester, which University faculty supervisor do I attend meetings with?  Also, do I have to then submit paperwork to each of the two faculty supervisors?

A13.  You can alternate attendance of the meetings with the University faculty supervisors.   Make sure to inform each faculty supervisor that you are attending fieldwork meetings and check in with the one whose meeting you did not attend.  Additionally, you must submit the complete set of paperwork to each faculty supervisor you are registered with.   


Q14.  What happens if I miss a mandatory meeting?

A14.  The mandatory meetings are considered an essential component of fieldwork supervision.  You are expected to attend each of the 3 meetings scheduled every semester.  However, in the event that you are unable to attend, you will be asked to complete an alternate assignment.  Please make sure to let your University faculty supervisor know that you will be absent, the reason for the absence, and clarify the steps you will need to take to make up for the absence.


Q15.  How often will the University faculty supervisor visit at the fieldwork  site? 

A15.  Your University faculty supervisor visits the fieldwork site at least one time each semester.  This visit may be in person or through other conferencing means. 


Q16.  What takes place during the fieldwork site visit?

A16.  Your faculty supervisor will meet with you and your site-supervisor.  This is a good time to review evaluation criteria and check in on goals.  Questions regarding the progress of the fieldwork, specific experiences, the nature of the counseling tasks, and areas of strength and future growth are some examples of topics that will be discussed.   Any specific concerns you have may also be addressed at this time, so that the University faculty supervisor can assist in resolving them and providing the necessary support using a team based approach.


Online Internship Resources

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College Information

As well as an internship project, each of the colleges listed (as well as many other colleges) display employment opportunities and student services on their websites. It is a good idea for a job seeker to become familiar with the different services offered by the college, as well as obtaining the contact information of the counseling and student services department. As an internship seeker, email, call, or visit the departments you are interested in-send in your resume!