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The primary purpose of the Department of Counselor Education is to provide professional preparation in guidance, counseling, and student personnel work. The graduate program encompasses both a School Counseling Specialization Credential and a Master of Arts degree program. On line course information may be obtained at the SJSU web catalog.


The Department of Counselor Education in College of Education at San Jose State University is a professional community of faculty, students and staff engaged in supportive partnerships to serve a community of culturally diverse children, youth, and families. By pursuing scholarly and reflective inquiry, our community aims to promote, enhance, and increase access to gain a meaningful, lifelong education. Faculty, staff, and graduates are compassionate professionals who interact in ethical ways and are mindful of our roles and responsibilities in a democratic society.


The mission of the Department of Counselor Education is to prepare guidance and counselor candidates who will enhance quality and excellence for all students and human being in an increasingly diverse, technologically complex, and global community.

Program Improvement

With feedback from community partners, the faculty sought to concentrate on:

  • Selecting didactic, practicum, and field supervision in school-community partnerships with a focus on strategic interventions with children, youth, and families, especially those from the low socioeconomic community
  • Increasing interactive television delivery of curriculum to five field-based centers and utilizing mainstream internet instruction throughout the San Jose State University service area, including the Greater Monterey Regions as far south as King City.
  • Intensifying school-community relations and organizational development strategies for improved effectiveness with at-risk and delinquent youths and underrepresented children and families.
  • Having an active Internship Credential Program, which allows school districts to diversify the existing counseling staff with bilingual and other personnel that meet the needs for diverse and special needs children and youth.

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