Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) School Counseling Credential

The Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) School Counseling Credential is a 54-unit program that qualifies individuals to work as school counselors in K-12 public schools.

A Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) authorization, which focuses on truancy and dropout prevention issues, can be completed for an additional 9 units.

In addition, students in good academic standing in the PPS School Counseling Credential program are eligible to apply for a PPS Internship Credential (valid for up to two years) if offered a school counseling position by a local school district before completing the program requirements. To be eligible, a student must have successfully completed a minimum of 9 units and have passed the CBEST (or met equivalency). For more information, contact the department office.

Completing the Requirements for the PPS School Counseling Credential

Upon Admission

  • Attend a new student orientation session. (Check the department website for Orientation Meeting dates.)
  • Register in the program’s foundational courses via your MySJSU portal.
  • Add courses during the first week of classes if you miss your enrollment appointment.

Foundational Coursework/Requirements

  • Complete the seven prerequisite/foundational courses (21 units) before taking advanced coursework.
  • Check the Department Advising page (or contact the department office) to identify your advisor.
  • Apply for clearance.
  • Take the CBEST exam (or complete SJSU Basic Skills Requirement Verification Form) and provide documentation to the Graduate Fieldwork Coordinator prior to starting your fieldwork.

Advanced Coursework/Requirements

  • Complete the eight required advanced courses (24 units).
  • Complete nine units (3 units = 200 hours) of fieldwork across two K-12 school levels for total of 600 hours; this is typically done across three semesters.
  • Pass the CBEST (or complete SJSU Basic Skills Requirement Verification Form).


Exit Review

  • Make an appointment with your advisor.
  • Your advisor will review, verify, and approve completion of coursework and fieldwork experience requirements.
  • Your advisor will sign your completed PPS Credential Worksheet (after it is approved and signed, it becomes the “Approved Program Contract”).
  • The Department Chair will review and sign your completed “Approved Program Contract.”

Apply for Your Clear PPS Credential

  • Order official transcripts that include the conferral of your Master’s degree.
  • Complete the Clear PPS School Counseling Credential Checklist and application package.
  • File your application through the SJSU Lurie College of Education Credentials Office.