Undergraduate Courses

EDCO 004/4FY: Personal, Academic, and Career Exploration (GE Area E, 3 units)

This course explores the concepts and applications of personal decision-making, provides an introduction to lifespan development concepts through the use of self-assessment instruments and procedures, and provides an orientation to San José State University. 

EDCO 004/4FY also satisfies San José State University's Area E (Human Understanding and Development) General Education requirement.


EDCO 180: Individual Studies - Life Beyond the Baccalaureate: An Introduction to Graduate and Professional School (2 units)

This course introduces students to education beyond the baccalaureate degree by facilitating an exploration of graduate/professional school. Topics convered include degree types and descriptions, admissions requirements and application processes, required exams, and exit requirements. The course also orients students to resources that facilitate the achievement of post-baccalaureate academic and personal goals.  


Pictures of Faculty and Students in EDCO 004 Classes:

EDCO 004 Class

EDCO 004 Gradaute Teaching Assistant

EDCO 004 Class