Learning Outcomes

A. Leadership

  • A1 Advocate skills and attitude for student to support equity and social justice
  • A2 Skills and knowledge to support collaboration with teachers, parents, administrators
  • A3 Skills to develop intervention and prevention counseling programs
  • A4 Knowledge of ethical practices

B. Effective Assessment and Counseling Skills

  • B1 Individual assessment and counseling
  • B2 Group assessment and counseling
  • B3 Family assessment and counseling
  • B4 Counseling with communities and coummunity agencies
  • B5 Counseling with communities and community agencies

C. Intercultural Effectiveness

  • C1 Knowledge and skills of communication in multilingual multicultural community

D. Reflective Thinker

  • D1 Recognize social, cultural, biological and educational environment affect student growth & academic performance
  • D2 Critical evauation of psychological and counseling theories
  • D3 Critical evaluation of current counseling practices
  • D4 Critical approach to scientific inquiry

E. Lifelong Learning

  • E1 Participate in professional organizations
  • E2 Ongoing professional development