About Us

The Creative Arts Program

The Creative Arts Program at SJSU is the only one of its kind in the CSU System. Founded in 1956, this unique and well-established Program places emphasis on the interdisciplinary exploration of the arts, the creative process, creativity and creative leadership, and the relevance of the arts to different societies and cultures. Because of its interdisciplinary and self-designed approach, no two students take the same program of study. This flexibility allows students the opportunity to think across artistic disciplines and to produce strong academic and creative work in the history, theory, and practice of at least two areas in the arts (music, dance, drama, film, broadcast media, digital and new media, visual arts, creative writing, poetry, and literature). This innovative Program specializes in providing highly individualized advising that helps students achieve their goals and graduate on time. 

The Creative Arts Program aims to produce effective critical thinkers, cultural philosophers, and creative leaders and problem-solvers. It provides a breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding in the arts that prepare students for a wide variety of graduate and professional degree programs as well as rewarding careers. Recent graduates have developed careers as visual and performing artists, arts administrators, teachers, software developers and engineers, costume designers, fashion designers, arts therapists, multimedia designers, librarians, and entrepreneurs.

The Creative Arts Program offers a BA in Creative Arts, a Minor in Creative Arts, and a BA in Creative Arts, Preparation for Teaching Concentration.