A Creative Foundation for Success

The Program's focus on creative leadership, creative problem solving, and creative process helps students acquire a translatable set of skills. Our recent graduates have become successful visual and performing artists, teachers, art administrators, software developers, software engineers, physicians, writers, sound recording engineers, costume designers, arts therapists, multimedia designers, librarians and entrepreneurs. 

Many Creative Arts majors pursue graduate degrees or other professional programs. On average, over 20% of our recent graduates are accepted into various Masters and professional programs. 

Michelle Beyda-Scott (BA Creative Arts Major, 2010) was admitted to Chapman University for an MFA in Screenwriting. 

      "It took me 23 years to get my Bachelor's (single mom, working full time) and I have SJSU and Dr. Riley to thank for seeing me through. She's a strong woman and an asset to the department. It was great working with and learning from her." 

Alex Perez (BA Creative Arts Major, 2009) was admitted to the multiple subject Credential and Masters in the art of Education and Social Justice in the Critical Research Academy of San Jose State University. 

      "The tools that I have acquired in the Creative Arts program are not only used in my daily life, but also in my schooling and teaching. My schooling involves a great deal of group work, which I have become accustomed to since my final semester in Creative Arts. I am able to use these skills to take an active role in my educationally progressive community. In teaching, I have found that many things cannot be anticipated. The ability to think critically and creatively has become necessary to survive. My life has been enriched by my experiences in this program. Long live Creative Arts." 

AJ Shultz (BA Creative Arts Major, 2009) was admitted to a graduate teaching program as well as offered a position as an Instructional Designer with a local firm. 

      "The CA program helped me explore, refine, and strengthen my own creative process, while giving me practice and experience in applying it in a variety of circumstances." 

Anna Traina (BA Creative Arts Major, 2009) was admitted to the Masters Program in Theatre Education at Emerson College in Boston. 

      "SJSU's Creative Arts program provided me with innovative coursework and creative tools that have enabled me to evolve as both an artist and educator."