Program Information

The Creative Arts Program

The Creative Arts Program offers a BA in Creative Arts, BA in Creative Arts, Preparation for Teaching Concentration, and a Minor in Creative Arts. Each offers a highly individualized program of study. As a result, advising is at the core of the Creative Arts Program. 

You will find various kinds of information on this page that will help you negotiate your major requirements (such as a website of transfer agreements with other colleges and universities and downloadable "roadmaps," major forms, etc.).

Tranfer Student Information

San Jose State University has transfer course agreements with over 130 California schools. Be sure to verify that such a course agreement (or "articulation") exists before you count on classes counting towards your major or minor in Creative Arts.

You can search this site by class or by school. Community College Equivalent Courses



CA Major Roadmap for First Year Students (.xls)

CA Major Roadmap for Transfer Students (.xls)

CA Teacher Prep Major Roadmap for First Year Students (.xls)

CA Teacher Prep Major Roadmap for Transfer Students (.xls)


Catalog Pages

Link to the main Creative Arts Catalog Page.


Core Courses

Link to the course listings catalog page.



Graduation Application and Change of Major Forms available on the link below : 

Undergraduate Studies Forms

CA Major Form (pdf)

CA Teacher Prep Major Form (pdf)

CA Minor Form (pdf)

CA 180 Form: CA Individual Study Form (Unofficial version) (pdf)

CA 190 Form: CA Internship Form (Unofficial version) (pdf)