Review and Revision of Program Objectives

The goal of the RRPO process is to ensure that the BSCS program objectives and mission statement align with the needs of program constituents: alumni[1], employers, and graduate programs[2].

With the help of the SJSU Office of Institution Effectiveness and Analytics (, The department chair conducts biennial surveys of employers, alumni, and local graduate programs. The chair analyzes the data and makes recommendations in the Employee-Alumni Survey Report (EAR) and the Graduate Program Survey Report (GPR).

When they become available, the reports are discussed by program enablers (faculty, staff, and advisors) during the monthly strategic planning retreats.

The following diagram captures the process:

[1] Only alumni who graduated three to five years earlier are included in the survey.

[2] Students are also program constituents, but are not included in the RRPO process because program objectives are focused on graduates three to five years after graduation.